Hearthstone Mech Bots

Hearthstone: The Mage Mech Deck

Another challenger rises from the community to claim ownership of the Happy Hearthstone Reigning Deck Battle Champion Throne of Incredible Awesomeness and Gilded Wings. (We really gotta come up with a shorter name for that).

This week, Dan brings a powerful Mech Mage deck, which uses all of those fun robots from the new Goblin vs Gnomes expansion to apply fast pressure for a quick kill. It’s a fun new way to play mage, and I hope you give it a try!

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The Links

Hearthstone Group Play Art


What is a Deck Battle?

Once a month, a guest host brings their favorite deck onto the show to battle the current reigning champion deck for control of the Happy Hearthstone Deck Battle Throne!

If the challenger wins the best-of-3 series, their deck becomes the new Reigning Champion Deck and will fight off future challengers until it loses, or until it’s earned its place in the Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame!

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Defending Deck: Dan’s Paladin Tech deck wins with slick tricks and lots of minions with special effects. His deck has reigned supreme for 1 month, and has beaten 1 deck before this episode.

Challenger Deck: Dan’s Mech Mage is an aggressive deck that wins through an immediate and punishing board presence. A strong draw can give you four or five minions on board turn 3, and your opponent racing for the Concede button.

The Deck




In case you don’t have some of the ideal cards, here are some quality back ups and alterations you can make that keep with the same theme and strengths of the deck.

Post-Duel Commentary

  • Who won
  • Obligatory bragging session
  • Challenger Deck: How well did it perform?
  • Defending Deck: How well did it perform?
  • Best moments in the matches
  • The Happy Hearthstone Champion Ceremony(tm)


  • Max: Do you like Fel Reaver in Arena?
  • iTunes Reviews

Card of the Week

Hearthstone Kezan Mystic


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