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WoW Pet Battle Review: The Tanks

This episode’s tardiness is actually a metaphor for how long it takes for this tank-centric team to finish fights! The slow lifesteal strategy of this Ruby Dropley and Death Adder Hatchling team tested our patience, but did it reward it with wins?

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Goal of the Team

This team was built around two incredible pets from the Timeless Isle — the Death Adder Hatchling and Ruby Droplet.

Both pets have great tanking potential, although they use different methods. We wanted to outlast the enemy team and use heals to keep us going.

Your Thoughts

Daniel: “I’ve had winning success unless I run into a gimmick team (all undead). I swapped out Son of Animus for Toothy, because there are too many Elemental pets out there to not have a heavy hitting Aquatic type on the roster. I stayed with my S/P DAH very happy with it used my blind defensively and not to set up my combo. RD just grinds them down and if you can time your bubble right they waste an entire cooldown cycle of big hits. Good team great pets!!!”

August: “I just did some testing with my DAH + Ruby Droplet team with a Singing Sunflower (2,1,2) as 3rd pet. I was down to my last pet, the sunflower, and my enemy only had his peddlefeet (2,1,2) left. After about 15 min of me keeping sunlight up and us both being on 90%-100% hp all the time, i tried dropping sunlight and just spamming Solar Beam to see if i could nuke him through his 25% heal. Turns out that another 10 min of that and I got him down. 1/10 for my quest… this is gonna take a while XD”

Enrique: “I’ve been having lots of funs with this team — DAH(S/S), RD (H/S), Emperor Crab (H/H; 2,2,1). 12 wins vs 3 losses that included a “boredom” quit after fighting a crawdad team. DAH is real fun when it works but a bit underpowered on damage. It lost two times to other snakes with Vicious Fang and Burrow. RD is a true tank especially if you bubble at the right time. EC is a great third wheel for this team. Trying a crawdad for third wheel with the strategy of opening with DAH till 40% health, switching to crawdad using Tranquility and Wish, then back to DAH”

Tiberius: “DAH (S/S), RD (B/B), and Emperor Crab (H/H). I did 12 rounds and had a 41.6% win ratio. Not horrible, b I i can’t say this is an enjoyable team to play. The DAH is a hard hitting glass cannon. The RD is a slow dieing pet that can’t kill anything. The crab is a good tank but can’t overcome the lack of synergy of the main pets.

It could just be my playstyle, but i don’t like slowly loosing with the RD not backing the big hits (and quick death) of the DAH.The crab felt like the only real option for a third wheel with all the Val’kyr being played. I also tried Chi-Chi and a Swamp Croaker. The Croaker felt good as it has another bubble (despite its overly long cooldown), but didn’t bring the survivability or the burst needed. Chi-Chi is great, but this didn’t bring the almost mandatory counters for Undead.

Overall i liked both the DAH and the RD. Just not together. Pairing each of these great pets with pets with similar strengths feels much better (DAH, Sprite Darter, Snarly or RD, Blossoming Ancient, Magical Crawdad or my current favorite flavor of the week team… 3x S/S DAH).That is my two coppers. I am looking forward to the review on this one for sure.”

WoW Pet Battle Tank Bubble

Changes Made

I had trouble finding a perfect third wheel that made this team super powerful. I’m still not 100% sure if this team wants another stall-tactic healer in the third wheel slot, or a big burst-damage attacker to help finish out the match.

Singing Sunflower: This is the third wheel I started with after last week’s show. It fits the theme perfectly — it has great heals and moderate damage. It wins by outlasting the opponent. The Sunlight effect is also amazing for Ruby Droplet — it is almost literally unkillable while the weather effect is active.

Murkalot: This is my second favorite pet on this team. Reflective Shield is awesome, reflecting damage back to the enemy and Righteous Inspiration and Shieldstorm are both great abilities that synergize well with this team. If you got this pet from this year’s BlizzCon, try it out!

Qiraji Guardling: Wanted another tank, and I liked having Flying damage on top of Sandstorm. But Sandstorm sort of backfired, since Ruby Droplet relies on lifesteal, which is reduced by Sandstorm’s damage reduction.

Magical Crawdad: It looks effective in a horribly-slow-long-game kind of way. This team already had enough very long games, and I didn’t really want to make it longer.

Lil XT: More of a dabble than a real test. He’s too predictable in PvP now, and his AoE damage didn’t work out too well.

Zandalari Kneebiter: Wanted more DPS. This guy worked okay, but the downtime between combos is as brutal as ever.

When It Works

When this team worked, it was pretty funny. Death Adder Hatchling could kill one pet, and the third wheel would stall out a few turns. And then the Ruby Droplet would come in and slowly win the match over the course of the next 40 turns due to its massive lifesteal.

That gave me plenty of turns to watch the opponent squirm and squeal in the face of inevitability.

Winning Abilities

Drain Blood: This is one of the best abilities in the game. It is so much healing that it blows my mind. And the damage ain’t half-bad either.

Bubble: It’s got a long cooldown, but it blocks a two-move combo like nobody’s business. It’s not as powerful as Dodge, but you don’t need speed and it comes with more powerful abilities.

Blinding Poison: Another great dodge ability. This one is nice and reliable, and often forces a pet swap. Which is great with…

Poison Fang: In the right settings, the damage from this ability is insane. It’s almost 600 damage for one attack. Of course, sometimes you have to spam it, and it’s only 210. Still, not terrible.

Shieldstorm: I’ve talked about Righteous Inspiration a lot, and it’s a great ability. But Shieldstorm is underrated and incredible too! It adds a block effect to all your pets for 8 rounds. That means you not only block the next attack your opponent does, but you can do two free pet swaps within 8 rounds. That’s crazy valuable on other teams, which rely on cross-pet combos more than this one does. I’ll definitely be using this more in the future.

WoW Pet Battle Tank Cheer

When It Doesn’t Work

This team is so slow. And while it feels okay when you win after a long game, losing after a 20-minute game is just completely demoralizing.

Losing Abilities

Puncture Wound: Weak damage, especially since we need to do a Speed/Speed breed to make Blinding Poison work.

Vicious Fang: Why do these scaling abilities cap out so low? 320 is it’s max on our DAH, and that’s not even a good damage value for a normal punch. There’s no point to this type of ability right now.

Everything else on the Ruby Droplet: It’s not that they’re bad abilities — we just don’t care at all because the ones we’re using are so darn good!

The Verdict

70% win rate

Will I Use It?

PvP: Probably not very often. I really like Ruby Droplet, but he’s kind of boring to play, especially if you face another heal team. I don’t want 20-minute games to be the norm for me.
PvE: Yes, yes, a hundred times yes. This team is awesome in PvE, and I will be using it all the time.

Individual Pet Reviews

Ruby Droplet: 10 — As far as tanks go, this is one of the best in the game. It does its damage slow and steady, but if it’s not countered it can live forever. Get it and love it!
Death Adder Hatchling: 8 — Damage is a bit weak, and he is flimsy. He’s a lot of fun, but when he doesn’t work it REALLY doesn’t work.


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