Hearthstone BlizzCon Dodds Woo

Hearthstone: Developer Interview at BlizzCon 2015

We had fun with Game Director Eric Dodds and Senior Producer Yong Woo at BlizzCon this year. We were their final interview of the show, so we went with lighthearted questions and got some fun anecdotes and silly singing out of them along the way.

Thank you to Blizzard and the devs for letting us join in the BlizzCon fun! Don’t forget to listen to Happy Hearthstone #60 for our full thoughts and stories about all of the awesome Hearthstone stuff at BlizzCon this year!

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The Links

Hearthstone Group Play Art


  • Blizzard Devs Yong Woo (Hearthstone, Senior Producer) and Erid Dodds (Hearthstone, Game Director) are on the show this week
  • Topic: BlizzCon
  • Reasons to be happy this week
  • News: League of Explorers!

The Interview

  • League of Explorers
  • Which adventurer would you team up with?
  • Golden Monkey shenanigans
  • Funniest new card
  • Battle.net business cards


  • Question: What are the actual odds on RNG cards like Imp-losion?
  • No iTunes Reviews


  • Do hand-shakes from developers count?

Card of the Week

Hearthstone BlizzCon Dodds Woo


  • Contact Yong Woo on Twitter and send your messages telepathically to Eric Dodds.
  • What you want to see in future episodes
  • What hosts you want to visit the show

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