Let me be totally honest: there are only a handful of bread-based foods that I do not love. If it’s got flour and yeast, I’m READY TO FEAST! That’s not […]

What’s Your Favorite Bread-Based Snack?

Hearthstone MSG Cards
Happy Feast of Winterveil! Josh and Scot have prepared the ultimate stocking stuffer for you: an epic 4-hour-long episode of Happy Hearthstone! We review every single card in the Mean […]

Hearthstone: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Review

Subnautica Colors
One part peaceful tropical vacation, one part crafting and exploration simulator, one part horror survival game. Subnautica is unique and beautiful. And its colorful, exotic underwater world is finally ready […]


Hearthstone Tempo Pick
On the eve of a new Hearthstone expansion, the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, Jarret sits a new deck on the Happy Hearthstone throne. This isn’t your typical Tempo Mage deck […]

Hearthstone: Future-Proof Tempo Mage Deck

Hearthstone BlizzCon Art
Josh teams up with the mysterious man-dressed-in-green to discuss all the news from BlizzCon Day 1 — but especially the Hearthstone announcements! Listen to the Podcast Subscribe to The Happy […]

Hearthstone: BlizzCon 2016 Day 1 Recap

Crawl Level
Do you have 3 friends? Do you often enjoy having fun with these friends, perhaps in the same room, maybe while laughing, joking, and playing games? Do you and/or these […]


Hearthstone BlizzCon Schedule
In this short Special episode, hosts of Happy Hearthstone past and community superstars make their bold, sometimes-crazy predictions for what the big Hearthstone news will be at BlizzCon later this […]

Hearthstone: BlizzCon 2016 Prediction Special

Defenders Quest Swarm
Tower defense gets a story-tastic overhaul in Defender’s Quest, a brilliantly polished and wickedly clever RPG/Tower-Defense hybrid game made by three people. The core strategy gameplay rivals anything in the […]

Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten

Potatoes Craft
You already know if you should play this game. Search your heart. Did the goofy title fill it with child-like wonder and joy? Then read on, happy potato person, Because […]

Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?!

Hearthstone Pickpocket Hand
It’s a hard life for rogues out of the street. They’re struggling just to make ends meet, while other braggart classes strut around with their 1-cost removal spells and crazy […]

Hearthstone: Pickpocket Rogue Deck

Dustforce Flight
Platformers stress me out. My reflexes aren’t great, and the genre famously punishes players like me who can’t execute fast movements. But Dustforce is different. Its calming music, smooth gameplay, […]


Hearthstone KAR Cards
Prepare your ear drums for almost 3 hours of sweet, sweet card debates! Scott and I dissect each of the 27 new class cards in One Night in Karazhan and […]

Hearthstone: Karazhan Review (Class)

Forced Showdown Camera
I’ve never had strong opinions about a Rambo-inspired rat before, but now I know with every fiber of my being that Ratbo must die. After the devious little bastard blew […]

Forced Showdown

Hearthstone KAR Medivh
After the party has ended, Karazhan’s disco floor has been packed up, and all the guests have left the tower, Scott and Josh take a sober look at the cards […]

Hearthstone: Karazhan Review (Neutral)

Boat Boat
Don’t ask questions. You must build a boat. It doesn’t matter why. Stop asking. Ugh, you’re really not going to let this go are you? Fine! You must build a […]

You Must Build a Boat

Banner Saga Snow
I initially picked up The Banner Saga just to have something to tinker with while I ate lunch, when I couldn’t play fast-paced games. But instead of a 30-minute detour, […]

The Banner Saga

Hearthstone Arena Key
Arena guru Ryan returns to the show one year after his first visit, where he explained the basics of winning in Hearthstone’s Arena mode. Now he’s back to give us […]

Hearthstone: How to Win Arena in 2016

Darkest Dungeon Town
Darkest Dungeon has taught me to be a terrible person. I bet you thought that Party Hard had already done that, huh? Nope! Darkest Dungeon’s hardcore dungeon-crawling has quickly trained […]

Darkest Dungeon

Party Hard Boat
This one’s a bit odd. You have to promise not to give me a weird look when I tell you what Party Hard is about, okay? Here we go. Party […]

Party Hard

Hearthstone Yogg Hand
Sometimes you need to throw yourself in the arms of fate and let destiny take its course. Tony’s fun Yogg-Saron Hunter deck is all about that, aiming to burn down […]

Hearthstone: The Yogg-Saron Hunter Deck

GOD Hall
Guild of Dungeoneering is a unique hybrid game that mashes up cards, puzzles, deck building, roleplaying, strategy, and tower defense into one tiny, wonderful bundle. You grow your base, train […]

Guild of Dungeoneering

Hearthstone Meta Queue
Good guy Zerotio comes on the show to help walk us through how to adapt to an ever-changing meta. What’s the best way to identify what the meta is? How […]

Hearthstone: Adapting to the Meta

Hearthstone Angry Wall
Sometimes, large scaly beasts don’t want to lounge around at home and wait for prey to show up. Sometimes they go on the hunt and actively seek those faces they’re […]

Hearthstone: The Angry Dragon Priest Deck

Hex Coyotle Cleric Howler
I hope you like holy crusaders, because this righteous cleric deck is on a divine rampage to dominate all of Entrath! This Wild/Diamond healing archetype has been my favorite type […]

Hex PVE Deck: The Unkillable Coyotle Cleric

Hearthstone Standard Deathrattle
My brother may have beat me into the world by 4 years, but it’s taken me almost as long to convince him to come onto the podcast with me! Finally, […]

Hearthstone: Welcome to Standard

Hearthstone Dreadsteed Buff
We talked about the awesome Dreadsteed card in our last episode, and pointed out all of the potential synergy it has. But now it’s time to see it in action! […]

Hearthstone: The Dreadsteed Warlock Deck

Hearthstone Dreadsteed Board
It flies, it burns, it dies a thousand deaths but never dies! It’s the terrifying Dreadsteed! We’re trying a completely different format for the show this week — an episode […]

Hearthstone: Dreadsteed Card Guide

Hearthstone Secret Keeper
I had so much fun this episode. Our old friend, Kevin from Darkmoon Herald brings his own personal twist on the infamous Secret Paladin deck onto the show to challenge […]

Hearthstone: The Secret Paladin Deck

Hearthstone Secret Tree
You’ve seen it. You’ve hated it. You may have even played it. Kevin’s own take on the infamous Secret Paladin deck makes some interesting changes to keep it fresh and […]

Hearthstone: The Secret Paladin Deck List

Hearthstone Summon Big
The legendary Jake Crawford finally joins us on the show, after hiding in the donations list for months. He’s bringing some old-school cards with him and he attempts to take […]

Hearthstone: The Summoning Portal Warlock Deck

Fav 2014 Banner Saga
Every December, I put together a quick list of things that meant a lot to me in the previous year. Some selections are recommendations—like TV shows or games I think […]

My Favorite Things of 2015

Hearthstone LOE Murlocs
We weren’t so neutral on the neutral cards in our previous episode, and now we’re ready to judge every single Class Card released in Hearthstone’s League of Explorers Adventure Pack! […]

Hearthstone: League of Explorers Review (Class)

Hearthstone LOE Cards
The League of Explorers have been busy exploring ancient ruins and recovering lost artifacts this month, and we’ve been alongside them the whole way, ruthlessly judging their powers and success […]

Hearthstone: League of Explorers Review (Neutral)

Hearthstone Mill Hand
In the dark alleyways behind The Happy Hearthstone Tavern, shrewd players whisper of an unconventional way to beat opponents: give them cards until they explode. It’s not a pretty way […]

Hearthstone: The Mill Rogue Deck

Hearthstone Mill Fatigue
Looking for a new deck type to play? Mill Rogue is a terrificly fun, creative deck that tries to win by forcing the opponent to draw too many cards and […]

Hearthstone: The Mill Rogue Deck List

Hearthstone BlizzCon Stage
We had so much fun at BlizzCon this year, and Hearthstone players were there en masse, having fun, making friends, and playing games! We break down all the news, share […]

Hearthstone: BlizzCon is the Best

Hearthstone Potluck Beasts
Who say Christmas can’t come in October? Epic writer/podcaster/guild leader Matticus joins us for another strategy potluck episode, where we talk about tons of Hearthstone topics, questions, and advice sent […]

Hearthstone: Strategy Potluck 2 -The Potluckiest!

Hearthstone Taunt Wall
The best defense isn’t always a good offense. Sometimes it’s a fatty wall of knights, abominations, and trolls that will give their lives to defend you. This episode’s deck takes […]

Hearthstone: The Taunt Warrior Deck

Hearthstone Taunt Wrynn
Hold the line! Andrew’s Taunt Warrior deck for Hearthstone is sturdy and fun. It relies on building up solid defenses to hold out into the late-game, when big heroes drop […]

Hearthstone: The Taunt Warrior Deck List

Hex Plant Swarm
Hippies had it right all along, my Hex friends. Flower power is the best way to build a quick and cheap PVE deck to start crushing dungeons and amassing loot. […]

Hex PVE Wild Deck: The Power Plant

Sylvanas Face
Allow me to be honest: Sylvanas is absolutely disgusting. The undead banshee hero in Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm is insanely flexible, with a plethora of strong build options. She’s […]

Heroes of the Storm: Sylvanas Best Talents Guide

Hearthstone DP Swarm
Dragon decks are typically slow, control-heavy decks that take their sweet, sweet time killing their opponents. But Ben’s surprisingly aggro Dragon Priest deck goes straight for the throat, with some […]

Hearthstone: The Dragon Priest Deck

Hearthstone DP Onyxia
Kill all the things. Kill them with dragons! Our latest battle deck is all about dishing out damage with giant, scaly monsters — and bringing in the broodmothers to seal […]

Hearthstone: The Dragon Priest Deck List

Hearthstone Arena Key
Arena can be intimidating at first. It has totally different rules than normal play, and knowing which cards are the best to pick can be tough, even for veteran players. […]

Hearthstone: How To Win Arena

Hearthstone Modes Art
Happy Hearthstone turns 50 today! We invited all of our classic guest hosts back on for one uber long, uber silly show all about Hearthstone and the fun strategies, tips, […]

Hearthstone: 50th Episode Potluck Party!

Hearthstone Demon Zoo
Another challenger steps into the Hearthstone Deck Battle arena! This week, a new hybrid Warlock Demon Zoo deck challenges the uber-fast Mech Shaman deck. Who will reign supreme? Subscribe to […]

Hearthstone: The Warlock Demon Zoo Deck

Hearthstone Demon Win
Demonlock and Warlock Zoo decks have been dominating constructed Warlock play for awhile now. But what if there was someone mad enough to combine them into one single monstrosity?!?! Andrew […]

Hearthstone: The Warlock Demon Zoo Deck List

Hearthstone Mech Shaman Doomhammer
We’ve got a new co-host on the show this week, and he comes with a top-notch reputation after beating pro players in a tournament this weekend! Frid is showing off […]

Hearthstone: The Mech Shaman Deck

Hearthstone Mech Shaman Totem
Robots, totems, and the occasional frog dish out the damage in Frid’s Mech Shaman deck. It brings the classic body-centric rush damage that defines mech decks, but adds its own […]

Hearthstone: The Mech Shaman Deck List

Hearthstone Potluck Demons
We’re kicking off the first ever Happy Hearthstone Strategy Potluck this week! We bring short topics to talk about, ranging from advice to random thoughts about a specific type of […]

Hearthstone: Strategy, Tips, and Advice Potluck

Hearthstone Mech Bots
Another challenger rises from the community to claim ownership of the Happy Hearthstone Reigning Deck Battle Champion Throne of Incredible Awesomeness and Gilded Wings. (We really gotta come up with […]

Hearthstone: The Mage Mech Deck

Hearthstone Mech Blast
The Mech Mage has been the bane of my existence in Hearthstone lately — rushing down my health before I can even get a stable footing with my late-game decks. […]

Hearthstone: The Mage Mech Deck List

Hearthstone GvG Logo
Goblins vs Gnomes has been out for awhile and we’re finally ready to pick the best and worst cards of the set! Whether you’re trying to dominate Arena, climb the […]

Hearthstone: Goblins vs. Gnomes Review

Hearthstone Tech Rewinder
We smash open the mechs that are so populaer in decks at the moment and just go for their juicy technology innards in this week’s deck battle! Community listener Adam […]

Hearthstone: The Paladin Tech Deck

Hearthstone Tech Bot
Our robot overlords have arrived, and they’re surprisingly Paladins! A community champion rose up to challenge The Happy Hearthstone Deck Champion on this week’s show. Adam also took the time […]

Hearthstone: The Paladin Tech Deck List

Fav 2014 James Gordon
2014 has been a wonderful year. Jenna and I had our first son (who’s interrupted my writing of this blog post about 79 times with his adorable crying), I moved […]

My Favorite Things of 2014

WoW Pet Battle Big Come At Me Bro
Miss. Crit. Crit. Miss. Miss. The “Go Big or Go Home” team has led us through a painful 6-month lesson in RNG humility. Let’s take a look at what this […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Maniacs

Hearthstone Paladin Thaddius
Late game Paladin gets redefined with this week’s deck! Heals, minions, Divine Shield, resurrections — if you don’t stop this Paladin deck before turn 7, he’s got a freight train […]

Hearthstone: The Last Standin Paladin Deck

Hearthstone Naxx Spiders
We review the best and worst of the new cards in Curse of Naxxramas in this week’s show! Everything from crazy Kel’thuzad to overcosted treants is on the table, so […]

Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Review

Hearthstone Survival Wall
While Josh is taking a short break to welcome his family’s latest cardslinger into this world, guest-hosts Scott Lantz and Redbeard take over the show and run wild! Scott whips […]

Hearthstone: The Survival Paladin Deck

Hearthstone Survival Not Scared
WoW taught us that Paladins are exceptionally good at one thing: surviving to see another day. Whether it’s by bubble-hearthing back to mama or healing themselves 10 times in a […]

Hearthstone: The Survival Paladin Deck List

Hex Orc Circus Flyers
Orcs can fly. And trust me when I tell you that there’s nothing more terrifying than an 8-foot-tall ball of muscle and rage screaming as it flies directly at your […]

Hex Blood Sapphire Deck: Flying Orc Circus

Hearthstone Tournament Bracket
The Hearthstone community is awesome. We’ve got player-run friendly tournaments, sponsored tournaments for the pros, strategy groups that get together to talk about the latest decks and how to play […]

Hearthstone: Host Your Own Tournament!

Hearthstone Deck
Scott Lantz came on the show a month ago to show us how to pick the best cards in Hearthstone. It was easily our most-heralded episode, bringing in more positive […]

Hearthstone: How To Build A Good Deck

Hearthstone Arcane Swipe
Redbeard launched a revolution in our last deck battle episode when he finally toppled the 6-month reigning deck to claim the throne for his Barbarian Warrior deck. This week, the […]

Hearthstone: The Arcane Druid Deck

Hearthstone Arcane Moon
The moon is a powerful ball of dust, especially when wielded by the right hands/claws. This week, we look at a spell power Druid deck in Hearthstone, designed to use […]

Hearthstone: The Arcane Druid Deck List

Hearthstone Pick Cards
Knowing how to use your cards effectively is only half the battle. Knowing how to pick the best cards in Arena, and how to build the best decks in standard […]

Hearthstone: How To Pick The Best Cards

WoW Pet Battle Tank Snow
This episode’s tardiness is actually a metaphor for how long it takes for this tank-centric team to finish fights! The slow lifesteal strategy of this Ruby Dropley and Death Adder […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Tanks

Hearthstone Barbarian Berserker
We welcome Redbeard, the winner of Happy Hearthstone’s first-ever community tournament, on this week’s show! After defeating scores of listeners in the tournament, he rises to challenge Dan’s almighty, unbeatable […]

Hearthstone: The Barbarian Warrior Deck

Hearthstone Beastmaster Boar
Think you’ve got what it takes to beat Dan’s unstoppable Beastmaster deck? We’re holding a tournament, open to all listeners of the show, to decide who gets to come onto […]

Hearthstone: The Challenger Tournament

Hearthstone Power Paladin
Derrick enters the Happy Hearthstone Deck Battle Arena ™ high off the rush of winning a 12-game Arena run. But can his Power Paladin deck finally bring an end to […]

Hearthstone: The Power Paladin Deck

Hearthstone Power Ghoul
Diversity brings power with Derrick’s Paladin deck that has a ton of different minions. All of them provide an innate threat, which can be made even stronger by the plentiful […]

Hearthstone: The Power Paladin Deck List

LOL Heimerdinger Art
The smartest person in the entire world of Runeterra is also one of its goofiest. We take a look at Heimerdinger, the crazy eccentric inventor of League of Legends. Subscribe […]

League of Legends: Heimerdinger Lore

Hex Big Puck
We’re doing a community contest this week! All of the hosts are creating their favorite Wild ramp decks, and we’re asking the community to post their favorites as well. We’re […]

Hex Wild Deck: Mine’s Bigger

WoW Pet Battle Combo Team Rag
Not every team works out the way I want it to. Let’s take a look at what went wrong with this wombo-combo team, and find out how to fix it! […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Combo Kids

WoW Pet Battle Draenor Art
Warlords of Draenor is on its way, and we’re dying to know what new pets and pet battling content it’ll bring! Blizzard has been tight-lipped on official channels, but they’ve […]

WoW Pet Battle Guide: Warlords of Draenor Pets

Hex Inspire Legionnaire
Hex wisdom #452: A demoralized army is easily crushed the field of battle, but an inspired army will fight with unnatural strength. This week, I want to show you my […]

Hex Ruby Diamond Deck: The Inspire Army

Hearthstone Ali Board
We enter the battle arena once again! This time, Adam brings his sturdy Shaman deck that took him all the way to Rank 6 in constructed play. Can Dan’s two-time […]

Hearthstone: The Muhammad Ali Shaman Deck

WoW Pet Battle Christmas Cheer
It’s time to finally review our Christmas team! Do we have a winter wonderland gift or a horrible grinch? Subscribe to The WoW Pet Battle Crew on iTunes or via […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Christmas Gang

Hearthstone First Beta
Open beta is here! Everyone in the world can play Hearthstone now, and we’re eager to help the new players have fun and find the perfect class for them in […]

Hearthstone: Picking Your First Class

Fav 2013 LoL
One of my favorite parts of working at PC Gamer was coming up with our Games of the Year awards. The whole edit team would lock ourselves in a conference […]

My Favorite Things of 2013

2013 Christmas Josh
Thank you for spending 2013 with me on the site and in the podcasts! I recorded a quick holiday greeting to share with you. I’ll be taking a short break […]

Happy Holidays!

Hex Orc Cutter
Orcs like to kill things. That is a universal truth that we can all agree on. That’s why, when I was looking to build my first all-out aggressive deck in […]

Hex Blood Ruby Deck: The Rage of the Orcs

WoW Pet Battle Best Hatchling
For our 30th episode and our 10th pet battle team, we wanted to do something special. We set out to build a team that took the best of all the […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Best Pets

Hearthstone Secrets Mage
Another challenger approaches! This week, David brings on his own special Mage deck–built on lies and secrets–to challenge Dan’s claim to the Happy Hearthstone throne! Can Dan’s Hunter Beastmaster deck […]

Hearthstone: The Secret Mage Deck

Hearthstone Secrets Spellbender Art
On this week’s episode of Happy Hearthstone, guest host David brings his challenger deck against Dan’s defending-champion deck, for a battle of deck-building supremacy. You can watch and listen to […]

Hearthstone: The Secret Mage Deck List

WoW Pet Battle Best Team
We’re building our 10th pet battle team on the show this week! We’ve fought with a lot of great pets along the way, and I think it’s time we return […]

WoW Pet Battle Team: The Best Pets

Hearthstone Beastmaster Art
We launch a new series this week, designed to help us find new decks to try out in Hearthstone! Dan brings on his current favorite deck, a Hunter set centered […]

Hearthstone: The Hunter Beastmaster Deck

Hearthstone Beastmaster Rexxar
Building a Hunter deck isn’t always easy, but we focused on a basic starter deck in last week’s Happy Hearthstone episode, which introduced our new deck-battling format. The new format […]

Hearthstone: The Hunter Beastmaster Deck List

WoW Pet Battle Plants Flame
In a world obsessed with zombies, pet battlers cried out for a hero–a team that could rise up and defend the world against the undead threat in the way that […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Plants

Steampunk Orc Header
Building design docs is one of my favorites things I’ve gotten to do as a game designer. Design docs are written before a feature or piece of content is implemented, […]

Inspiration: Steampunk Orc

Hearthstone Beta Meta Confused
The Happy Hearthstone re-opens its doors after a brief hiatus (vacations are fun!), and finds that everything has changed! We take a look at the big patch that hit the […]

Hearthstone: The Big Patch

LOL Maokai Concept
One errant wave of magic is all it took to transform a peaceful tree into a massive, murderous wooden gladiator. We kick off the Lore Library podcast by taking a […]

League of Legends: Maokai Lore

Lore Library Header
I love the stories we can tell, and help create, in video games. Nothing grabs my mind quite like a super creative backstory for a hero, or a moving relationship […]

League of Legends Podcast: Lore Library

WoW Pet Battle Patch 5.4 Celestials
We all know Garrosh is about to get what’s coming to him. That big, brutish jerk of an orc tried to kill my hero, Vol’jin, and for that alone, I’m […]

WoW Pet Battle News: Patch 5.4

Hearthstone Beta Login
We’ve been playing the Hearthstone beta non-stop for a couple weeks now, and it’s time to talk about what we think. Love, hate, jealousy, and creepy goo falling on my […]

Hearthstone: Beta Impressions

Magic Kingdom Header
Life can be hard. We had a painful round of layoffs at SOE today, and I helped some good friends pack up their things and leave. I’m not a big […]

Inspiration: Magic Kingdom

Hearthstone Beta Hand
We’re giving away Hearthstone beta keys this week! Like I mentioned this morning, we’re currently in the beta and we’re absolutely blown away by how much fun we’re having! We […]

Hearthstone: Beta Key Giveaway

WoW Pet Battle Dino Tri
If Calvin and Hobbes comic strips and museums are to be believed, dinosaurs were ferocious, terrifying monsters that once ruled our wonderful globe (and, if Jurassic Park is to believed, […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Dinosaurs

Comic-Con Header
I attended Comic-Con in San Diego on Sunday–my second time going. I wasn’t able to get into any panels or teaching sessions like I did last year, when I learned […]

Inspiration: Comic-Con

Hearthstone Mechanics Shaman
Last week, we interrupted our regular broadcasting schedule to bring you hands-on reports from people that played Hearthstone at Blizzard’s Irvine campus. This week, we jump back on the class […]

Hearthstone: Windfury, Overload, Choose One

Hearthstone Cards Demon Hunter
My original WoW love and Dan’s current infatuation collide in this episode, where we break down the cards for the Hunter and the Rogue heroes. Who will top the DPS […]

Hearthstone: Rogue and Hunter Cards

Disneyland Matterhorn Head
I went to Disneyland with my family this weekend. I grew up near it, so I’ve been to the park many times, but this was my first time visiting it […]

Inspiration: Disneyland

Janelle Monae The ArchAndroid
Every major piece of content that I’ve produced in EverQuest so far has been linked with a particular song or album in my mind. Players should never see a connection […]

Inspiration: The ArchAndroid

Hearthstone Visit Statues
I’ve played Hearthstone! Sorry for the outburst. More importantly, five fan site got to play the game at Blizzard’s HQ last week, and I gathered four of them on this […]

Hearthstone: Hands-on Impressions Roundtable

Alex Shatohin Cottage Header
As a designer, it’s easy to imagine settings in the typical medieval style: a life of stoney grays, muddy browns, and bloody reds. The whimsical and truly fantastical is often […]

Inspiration: Curly Cottage

Hearthstone Cards Elf
Druids and Shamans. The two crazy nature-loving, storm-wielding hybrid-tastic heroes ready to duke it out in Hearthstone, and we’re ready to look at every card in their deck! This week, […]

Hearthstone: Druid and Shaman Cards

WoW Pet Battle Swap Broom Hop
If I look tired, it’s because I’ve been physically lifting pets and throwing them to the back row for three weeks now. We’ve been testing the listener-submitted Pet Swap team […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Swappers

Hearthstone Cards Warr Paladin
We’re kicking off a new series this week, wherein we’ll review every class in Hearthstone, look at all their class-specific cards and tell you what we think of them. We […]

Hearthstone: Warrior and Priest Cards

WoW Pet Battle Tracker Map
It’s the 21st episode of WoW Pet Battle Crew, so crack open your favorite adult beverage and let’s have a chat about addons. Specifically, the one pet battle addon I’m […]

WoW Pet Battle Addon: Pet Tracker

Hearthstone Tech Server
There are a lot of unanswered questions about the technical side of Hearthstone, such as: Will there be cross-platform play? How long will we have to wait for an Android […]

Hearthstone: Technical Speculation

Hearthstone Tabletop Gavin
Hearthstone’s a brand new game, but it’s built on top of a rich heritage of tabletop card games, especially the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game that’s been running since […]

Hearthstone: Tabletop Roots

Hearthstone Class Art Hunter
What do Hunters, Warriors, Druids, Shamans, and Warlocks have in common? They’re all being featured on this week’s podcast! Last week we looked at the hero abilities for the Rogue, […]

Hearthstone: Hero Abilities (Part 2)

WoW Pet Battle Dodge Fly
When the pain train roars into the pet battle station, can a lone rabbit avoid an untimely death with a well-timed hop? That oddly specific hypothetical question, and so much […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Dodge Squad

Hearthstone Class Art Jaina
Today we embark on an epic two-part journey! This week, we start exploring the 9 unique hero and class abilities in Hearthstone, and talking about what we think of them. […]

Hearthstone: Hero Abilities (Part 1)

Hearthstone Questions Voidwalker
We’ve talked about the basics, we’ve talked about the game modes, we’ve talked about hands-on impressions, and we’ve talked about the casual gamer interest. Today, we talk about everything else! […]

Hearthstone: Leftover Questions

WoW Pet Battle Level Team
One of the most common questions my friends ask me when they start getting into pet battling is how they can powerlevel their pets to level 25. In general, I’m […]

WoW Pet Battle Guide: Powerlevel Your Pets

Magic Dragons Maze Preview
When dragons build mazes, mortals cower in fear. But not the brave guilds of Ravnica! Here in the city of guilds, where Magic: The Gathering’s latest set is based in, […]

Magic: Dragon’s Maze Preview

Hearthstone F2P Slide
Free to play is still a pretty controversial business model, stirring up specters of the money-grubbing games of yesteryear in some gamers. But a ton of games have proven the […]

Hearthstone: Free to Play

Hearthstone Modes Art
This week, we take a look at the 4 game modes that Hearthstone is launching with. How do they work? Who are they designed for? And how fun do we […]

Hearthstone: The Game Modes

Hearthstone Hands On Panel
I’ve lived a good life. I’ve had wonderful family, amazing jobs, and food on my plate. But I haven’t played Hearthstone, and sometimes jealousy still gets the better of me. […]

Hearthstone: People Who Played It

WoW Pet Battle Patch 5.3 Val'kyr
I come bearing terrible news. A new patch has landed on WoW’s Public Test Servers, and that means it’s time to be rotatingly excited, anxious, fearful, bitter, and happy about […]

WoW Pet Battle News: Patch 5.3

Hearthstone Family Frogs
Can Hearthstone really appeal to the casual gamers we want to play with? My wife, Jenna, is not a gamer, but she joins me on this episode to talk about […]

Hearthstone: Friends and Family

Hearthstone Reveal Warrior
I love collectible card games, and we don’t get nearly enough of them on the PC, where we can find infinite friends to play with and not arouse our spouse’s […]

Hearthstone: What is Hearthstone?

Magic Pro Tour
Can you make money playing Magic? Can anyone make playing Magic? Adam and I take a look at the two biggest events in the Magic: The Gathering world, the Pro […]

Magic: Pro Tours and Grand Prix

WoW Pet Battle DD Launch
Patch 5.2 launched this week, and I’m celebrating a little oddly: playing the nerfed burst damage pet strategy! Now hear me out before you toss this podcast in the trash. […]

WoW Pet Battle Team: Chrominius and Mini Thor

WoW Pet Battle Leech Showdown
I’ve been throwing fire, stealing health, and cauterizing wounds for the last two weeks with the Life Leech team, and now it’s time to cast down my judgment on them. […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Life Leechers

WoW Pet Battle Perks List
While our fire healers team continues to duke it out (and doing quite well so far!), we’re going to take a break this week and look at the different pet […]

WoW Pet Battle Guide: Pet Family Perks

Magic Gatecrash Review
Gatecrash is out. It’s fast, it’s terrifying, and it’s ready to be judged by Adam and Josh on their new podcast, Mana Screwed. We talk about our impressions of the […]

Magic: Gatecrash Review

WoW Pet Battle Night Team
I was extremely excited when I built the Batman pet battle team to vanquish my foes. But, two weeks later, did these darkness-mongers live up to the hype or fall […]

WoW Pet Battle Review: The Batman Squad

WoW Pet Battle Addon Team UI
We look into our very first add-on this week, Pet Battle Teams. There are a lot of great battle pet addons out there, and we’ll be looking through them one […]

WoW Pet Battle Addon: Pet Battle Teams

Magic Gatecrash Preview
Magic: The Gathering and I have an odd relationship. I only began playing it a year and a half ago, when Lucas started setting up weekly draft tournaments in PC […]

Magic: Gatecrash Preview

WoW Pet Battle Patch Logo
Patch 5.2 just hit the PTR, along with a lot of exciting announcements about changes coming to our beloved pet battles. I’ll break down each update to see what it […]

WoW Pet Battle News: Patch 5.2

2012 Favorites Warcraft
A lot of gaming sites are putting out their “best games of 2012” award lists right now and, quite frankly, I miss sitting in a room for hours straight arguing […]

My Favorite Things of 2012

WoW Farm Dog
It gets lonely farming by yourself in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria (and slow-talkin Yoon isn’t much help!), but there’s a way to add a pet dog to your […]

World of Warcraft: Add a Dog to your Farm!

Age of Empires Online Coop Start
Josh and Greg put their friendship to the test by tackling the quests that require a co-op partner in this week’s episode. While battling the unwavering onslaught of warriors attacking […]

Age of Empires Online: How to Win Co-op Missions

Age of Empires Online Gear Army
Josh and Greg continue the Noob November celebration by sending countless soldiers to their deaths in an attempt to discern the exact importance of gear. They also give their tips […]

Age of Empires Online: How to Gear Your Civ

Age of Empires Online Civ List
New players unite! Josh and Greg lead the community in compiling their best tips for new players jumping into Age of Empires Online. This week, we start with the basics: […]

Age of Empires Online: Picking the Right Civ

Age of Empires Online Halloween City
It’s the spookiest time of the year, when patches pop out of nowhere to ambush us with tons of new in-game content. Josh and Greg jump into the new quest […]

Age of Empires Online: Spooky Puppies

Age of Empires Online Egypt Goat
Josh and Greg don their pharoah garb to tackle the Alliance Wars quest Palace Race: Egypt. Their goal: ensure their faction gets a new resort built before the other jerk, […]

Age of Empires Online: Palace Race Egypt

Age of Empires Online Auggie
Break the build-grow-kill mold with Auggie and his wacky friends on the Alpine Adventure quest. Greg walks us through his favorite quest in the entire game, and shows us how […]

Age of Empires Online: Alpine Adventure

Age of Empires Online Dwarf Rush Swarm
Efficiency isn’t everything. Sometimes we want our build orders to entertain us with copious minion death before our inevitable victory. Josh details his cruel death march in his favorite Babylonian […]

Age of Empires Online: The Dwarf Swarm

Age of Empires Online Village Burn
What’s a Skirmish Rush and why is everyone in Age of Empires Online doing it? Josh and Greg jump into the fray and learn to torch Town Centers to bring […]

Age of Empires Online: Skirmish Rush

EverQuest Poster Rain of Fear
This is absolutely surreal. I just played an EverQuest quest that I conceived, built, and troubleshooted from scratch. It’s going to be on live servers and played by thousands and […]

I just played a quest I made in an MMO