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I never knew urban planning was so relaxing! Mini Metro puts your in charge of designing, building, and growing the train lines for a rapidly growing city. New stations pop up constantly, passengers never stop rolling in, and you’ve got to work with limited resources. The super simple interface and soothing music keeps it chill while you solve everyone’s problems, one subway station at a time.

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How to Play Mini Metro

  • The game does everything to minimize UI, so it can be a little confusing at first — you’re immediately thrown into what appears to be a 2D map with super simplified graphics.
  • You typically can see a river running through the middle of the screen. And there are 2-3 shapes scattered around: a triangle and a circle for example.
  • You click one of them and a colored line starts following your cursor (or finger if you’re on mobile). You drag it over to the other shape and suddenly a colored line appears between them. A little train car appears on it and starts moving between the two shapes.
  • Then you realize: Those shapes represent subway stations — and you just connected them with a subway line that has one train going on it.
  • Tiny symbols start stacking up at each subway station and when the train arrives, they hop on board it and ride it. These are the people you’re serving, and seeing them stack up next to subway stations helps you understand what you need to do to make the subway system work better for the needs of the city.
  • You’re feeling good about this. You’ve got a simple subway going and everyone is taken care of. Then suddenly you spot a small dot on on the other side of the river you don’t remember seeing before. It’s growing… what’s happening. Is this bad?
  • It’s a new subway station and people are already filling into it. You’ve got to find a way to connect it to your existing lines.
  • But there’s no convenient way to hook into your existing lines without causing huge delays for your existing, already-too-busy stations. How are you going to redraw the existing subway lines, add new lines, or use infrastructure upgrades to alleviate the current issues and solve this new problem?
    Better figure it out, because the people are waiting!
  • Eventually you are going to get overwhelmed and “lose” when too many people are not able to get where they need to go.
    At which point you can keep playing for fun, replay in that city, or try a new city (which you unlock by reaching certain thresholds in earlier cities).
  • It’s not a tycoon game or even simulation game (although Extreme Mode gets close to simulation). At it’s heart, it’s a strategy game. It’s about thinking on the fly and solving a puzzle that constantly changes and evolves.

Mini Metro Maps

7 Reasons to Drop Everything and Immediately Play Mini Metro

(Each of these points is discussed in detail on the podcast. Listen to it!)

  • Soothing Relaxation!
  • Frequent Traveler Rewards!
  • Choose Your Own Adventure… Or Choose Your Own Infrastructure!
  • 3 Modes!
  • Daily Challenge!
  • Hidden Depth!

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