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WoW Pet Battle Guide: Best Warlord of Draenor Pets

World of Warcraft’s new expansion, Warlords of Draenor launches tonight, and that means there are an absurd number of new pets out there for us to collect!

I read up on all 114 new pets added in the new expansion, to find the ones with the best synergies and most unique, intriguing, and downright powerful abilities. These are the first battle pets you should collect in the expansion, because I think they’re going to be the best.

Be sure to let us know which pets you have the most success with in Warlords of Draenor! We’ll be doing a Warlords of Draenor-only pet battle team very soon to swap strategies.

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Pets in Warlords of Draenor

WoW Pet Battle WOD Guardian

The Best WoD Pets

Ancient Nest Guardian

  • How To Get It: Archaeology
  • Why We Like It: Strong abilities overall, and Feathered Frenzy lets it swap its pet family with a damage steroid. Lots of versatility to outplay opponents.

Axebeak Hatchling / Bloodbeak

  • How To Get It: Pet Battle: Gorgrond
  • Why We Like It: Rain Dance + Nocturnal Strike for huge hits

The Wasps

  • How To Get It: Pet Battle: all zones
  • Why We Like It: Focus is a great steroid, and they have the strong Poison + Puncture Wound combo. More RNG though.

WoW Pet Battle WOD Gronnling


  • How To Get It: No info yet — maybe a raid boss?
  • Why We Like It: Giants Blood is incredible — more than 1 turn heal and a 3-round damage steroid! This’ll be a tremendous bruiser.

The New Crabs

  • How To Get It: All over the place!
  • Why We Like It: Classic Bleed + Blood in the Water combo, with a very powerful reflection ability.


  • How To Get It: Menagerie at the Garrison
  • Why We Like It: Solid spammable DPS combo with a nice scaling heal attached. Will trade very well

Forest Sproutling

  • How To Get It: Vendor, Steamwheedle “Preservation Society” rep
  • Why We Like It: Great swap pet: high burst damage ability and applies a shield to your whole team. Not a standard, but awesome for a Feign Death combo.

Frostfur Rat

  • How To Get It: Pet Battle: Frostfire Ridge
  • Why We Like It: What a bully. This guy is going to be obnoxious, and a great counter to non-Elemental healers. Call Darkness with a spammable attack that deals bonus damage against Blinded, and Cower to keep him alive.

WoW Pet Battle WOD Peacock

Golden Dawnfeather

  • How To Get It: Pet Battle: Spires of Arak
  • Why We Like It: The heals! Sunlight + Love Potion is a brutal combo, to keep you alive while you peck them to death. Plus it’s an awesome peacock!

Hatespark the Tiny

  • How To Get It: WoW 10th annivesary event — any way to get it again?
  • Why We Like It: Non-weather based burn synergy to the extreme , with cool utlity with heals and suicide AoEs. Calling it now, Ragnaros 2.0!

WoW Pet Battle WOD Hydra

Lanticore Spawnling

Meadowstomper Calf

  • How To Get It: Quest in Nagrand
  • Why We Like It: I really wanted to like this guy because he has an ability called “Tough and Cuddly”, but he’s not very good. Sorry, elephant…

Mechanical Scorpid

  • How To Get It: Engineering
  • Why We Like It: Classic snake poison combo, with the raptor’s Black Talon thrown in to get even more damage out all those dots and double hits. What’s special is that all 6 abilities are very good — there are several viable builds here.

Molten Corgi

  • How To Get It:10th Anniversary, login
  • Why We Like It: The new best pet-catching pet. It’s like the Terrible Turnip, but way less terrible.

Ore Eater

  • How To Get It:Mining
  • Why We Like It: Has a unique combo: Body Slam to deal bonus damage but also hurt himself AND a shield to prevent all the damage he would do to himself. Looks like a great bruiser.

Servant of Demidos

  • How To Get It: Drop in Shadowmoon Valley
  • Why We Like It: It’s all Magic, but it’s one of the best Magic pets I’ve seen. Magic Sword is just flat out more damage than any other spammable attack I saw here, and his other cooldown-abilities have great sustain and control. Solid.

Son of Sethe

  • How To Get It: Reputation: Outcast Arakkoa
  • Why We Like It: Ruby Droplet Variant with tons of self-heal and drains

WoW Pet Battle WOD Sethe


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