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One of the most common questions my friends ask me when they start getting into pet battling is how they can powerlevel their pets to level 25. In general, I’m not a fan of powerleveling your pets or grinding XP to get them to max level asap.

I really enjoy fighting PvP battles at lower levels and taking a pet all the way from 1-25 in PvP, watching it evolve and unlocking new abilities and playstyles as they grow up. But sometimes, you just need to get a specific pet up to a certain level in a day, so you can add him to a team you already have in progress.

And that’s what my strategy is built to do. This guide shows you how to take a pet from level 1 to 18 in 15 minutes or less, using Pandaria tamers and pets from our previous teams that we should already have leveled.

It’s helped me a lot while testing out teams for this show, and I hope it helps you too!

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Guide Intro

Let me start this off with a disclaimer: this is a lazy-person’s guide to powerleveling. There are faster ways to grind it out if you want to spend all day doing it. This is just the easiest way to get a daily boost for the absolute minimum amount of time and effort.

This is the strategy I use when I’m trying to level a pet up quickly, mostly because I get bored with PVE fights after awhile. I almost always want to just PvP battle when I’m online, but you level pets really slowly through PvP.

So when I’m testing a team out and want to swap out the third-wheel pet based on some cool advice one of you fantastic listeners put on the site, I use this to boost the new pet up to level 18 so I can start using it in the lineup right away.

And then if the pet doesn’t work out, I don’t feel like I wasted hours of my life leveling a pet that I can’t use in the lineup. It was just a few minutes.

The Basics

The basic premise of my strategy is that I looked for the two highest-level Pandaria tamer battles that I can beat with only two pets.

Tamer battles give a lot of XP for the time investment, making them the most efficient way to level if you know how to beat them.

As you know, you get different amounts of XP based on the level of the pets you’re facing. But there’s more working behind the scenes than just that. Tamers get a bonus modifier that boosts the XP reward for beating them, and that XP bonus is based on the “difficulty” of the tamer.

There are 3 levels of difficulty:

  • Basic Tamers: 2.5x normal XP (most tamers fall under this category)
  • Northrend, Cataclysm, and Master Azeroth Tamers: 3x normal XP (Stone Cold Trixxy in Winterspring and Lydia Accoste in Deadwind Pass)
  • Pandaria Tamers: 5x normal XP

If all that math is just way too confusing for you, let me say it simply: We’re going to play 4 pet battles and take a pet from level 1 all the way to level 20.

Watch the guide in action

Watch pet battle videos

Step 1: Preparation

1. Pick a character that has easy access to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • That’s the central zone in Pandaria, that houses the main hub cities for Horde and Alliance
  • Max-level characters should have unlocked it and will probably have their hearthstone bound there

Step 2: Put on your Safari Hat

  • We won’t be fighting any dangerous creatures during this trip
  • If you’re anything like me, you forget to put this hat on about 50% of the time and end up kicking yourself afterwards

Step 3: Fight an aquatic wild pet

1. Fly to the eastern pond in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms

  • Coordinates: 69,44

2. Adjust your pet lineup

  • Your two strongest level 25 battle pets and the noob pet you’re power-leveling
  • Guidelines: Flying attacks and Magic pets have an advantage. Do not bring Elemental pets or Undead attacks
  • My go-to lineup for this sort of situation is durable pets that can heal themselves
  • You need two pets to kill three pets, so you can’t do fast trades.
  • From our previous teams, I’d recommend Corefire Imp, Clockwork Gnome, Lil XT, Magical Crawdad, Gilnean Raven
  • Important: Put the noob pet in the first slot so it starts on the field

3. Start a fight with a frog or water strider in the pond and start the fight

4. First turn: attack with your low-level pet

  • It probably won’t hit and even if it does, the enemy’s health bar will barely move.
  • The reason we’re doing this is that pets must spend one combat turn on the field to get XP
  • Frogs and water striders usually spend their first turn healing their team or starting a pump ability, so your pet should be safe

5. Swap out the noob pet for a level 25 and start killing the enemy team

  • This part should be straightforward and easy
  • Just make sure to leave your noob pet on the bench so it doesn’t get hit by a DoT and die

DING! After you win this fight, your pet should be LEVEL 6

Step 4: Fight another aquatic pet

1. Bandage up your pets

2. Repeat Fight #1

DING! After you win this fight, your pet should be LEVEL 7

Water Jet Pet

Take that, foolish water dwellers!

Step 5: Fight Aki the Chosen, Pandaren Tamer

1. Bandage up your pets.

2. Walk/Fly to Aki the Chosen

  • Coordinates: 67, 40

3. Adjust your pet lineup

  • Slot 1: Corefire Imp
  • Abilities: Rush, Immolation, Cauterize
  • Slot 2: Pandaren Monk
  • Abilities: Jab, Focus Chi, Fury of 1000 Fists
  • Slot 3: Noob pet
  • Abilities: Any big damage, single-turn abilities

4. Accept the daily quest to defeat Aki and start the fight.

5. Solo-kill the Cricket with Corefire Imp

  • Your Corefire Imp should end the fight with full health
  • If health is below 1k, use Cauterize to Heal
  • If Immolate buff is not active, put it on
  • Otherwise, Rush for damage
  • IMPORTANT: Do not kill the Cricket if Immolation has 2 or fewer turns on it left. This is key to killing the next pet, and its worth extending the fight with Cricket to make sure it ends with at least 3, and ideally 5+ turns left.

6. As soon as the Cricket dies, the Wind Serpent will come onto the field. Immediately bring in your Pandaren Monk

  • Do not cast any spell with Corefire Imp
  • Delaying one turn will cause you to lose this fight

7. Cast Focus Chi with Pandaren Monk on its first turn

8. Cast Fury of 1000 Fists on its second turn

  • If you crit, you’ll instantly kill the Wind Serpent
  • If you don’t crit, the Immolation DoT + Lightning Storm proc will kill it at the end of the turn

9. Otter comes in next. Leave your Pandaren Monk in and cast Focus Chi on its first turn

  • At this point, your Pandaren Monk will be incredibly close to death if the enemy crit at all
  • The Otter will always Dive down, becoming unattackable before your turn to swing

10. Watch your Pandaren Monk die

  • His job is now to take the huge hit from dive so that your other pets don’t have to
  • If the Otter misses, you can give it a big, Chi-powered punch before dying

11. Bring in your noob pet

  • Keep it in for 1-2 turns, depending on its health pool
  • Deal as much damage as you can, but make sure it can’t die even if otter crits

12. Bring in the Corefire Imp

  • Same priorities of abilities above, possibly saving Cauterize until after a Dive to maximize healing, if you can afford to
  • Corefire Imp should be able to kill it.

DING! Your pet should now be LEVEL 14

Aki pandaria tamer

Aki, you’re going down. You and your cricket too!

Step 6: Fight Courageous Yon, Pandaren Trainer

1. Bandage your pets

2. Fly to Courageous Yon in Kun-Lai Summit

  • Coordinates: 36, 74
  • 3. Change your lineup: Corefire Imp and Clockwork Gnome

  • Slot 1: Corefire Imp
  • Abilities: Burn, Immolation, Cauterize
  • Slot 2: Clockwork Gnome
  • Abilities: Punch, Repair, Build Turret
  • Slot 3: Noob pet
  • Abilities: Any big damage, single-turn abilities
  • Also have had luck with Lil XT on this team, but it’s riskier
  • 4. Accept quest from Yon

    5. Start the fight with Corefire Imp’s Burn

    • Follow it up with Immolate buff on turn 2
    • The enemy bird pet always flies up on turn 2, so you don’t want to waste an attack

    6. Kill the Bird

    • Same gameplay with Corefire Imp as the last fight
    • Keep Immolate up, punch when you can
    • Cauterize when hurt, preferably after their big hit

    7. The Rabbit is going to mess your face

    • Just deal as much damage to it as you can before your Imp drops
    • Poor Impy…

    8. Bring in the Clockwork Gnome when the Imp is done

    • Ideally, keep Corefire Imp on the backline with Immolate instead of dying
    • Use it to swap in and eat a heavy hit later on

    9. Build one Turret and then Repair

    • If you wait to build 2 Turrets before repairing, you will die once before Repair ticks

    10. Punch the Rabbit dead

    • Your Gnome is going to take a beating
    • Place Turrets every chance you can

    11. When the Ram comes out, the clock is ticking

    • Build Turrets and Punch only
    • Repair will be wasted because Clockwork Gnome will die before it goes off
    • Just try to DPS, and swap in the Corefire Imp to eat a Chew burst damage

    12. Clockwork Gnome will either kill the ram, or die while Turrets are up

    • If it dies, just try to tank it with your noob pet until the Turrets kill it.

    DING! Your pet is now 18

    monk dead pet battle wolpertinger

    Thanks for the assist, monk. I owe you one!

    That’s it!

    That’s my quick and easy guide to bring a pet to level 18 in 18 minutes! Keep in mind you can only do these tamer battles once per day. You can come back and do this combo again tomorrow and get the pet into the low 20s if you’d like, but I find I have plenty of pets in the 18 range for it to pair up with in PvP. And I kind of like fighting the rest of the way to the top. Hopefully this helps you as much as it’s helped me the past few months

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    16 thoughts on “WoW Pet Battle Guide: Powerlevel Your Pets

    • Qaajn

      This is probably a good way, but it’s not the best. Likely the other way is unavailable to you though…

      You need:
      To NOT have completed the pandaren spirit tamer quest
      Have a ~22+ Emerald Proto Drake. This is your main pet.
      Have a high level infinite dragonling (or barrier attack would work too). This is your secondary pet.

      Fly to the Pandaren Air Spirit in jade forest.
      Make sure you have some barrier or weakness chosen on your secondary pet.
      Make sure your Emerald got all the emerald named abilities (I think bite animate faster then breath…)
      This is assuming your noob pet is too low to survive a moth dust.
      Start out with your secondary pet. You will meet the critter first, try to use some barrier or weakness. The critter is likely faster, and if it manages to sleep you, forfeit and try again.
      Second turn you switch to your noob pet. The critter will use cocoon strike. This shouldn’t kill you with weakness on unless you are aquatic AND it crits.
      Change to Emerald. Keep up the emerald presence. Use your Emerald Dream at about half health, and bite away. It will kill all 3 pets alone (critter is annoying)

      With safari hat I seem to recall that you get from 1-11-16-21-23-25. once you get the hang of it, you can max a pet in <30 minutes.

      Happy leveling!

      • Josh Post author

        Whoa, that’s awesome. You’re right that it’s unavailable to me since I already completed that quest, but that’s an incredible route for people that haven’t yet.

        Great advice! Thanks 🙂

    • NightGriffin

      You can level a pet from level 1 against the Thundering Pandaren Spirit instead if you want, using 2 easily obtainable pet.

      A fast Rabbit (Flurry/Dodge/Burrow) and a fast (S/S breed) Grassland Hopper(Skitter/Cocoon’s Strike/Nature’s Touch).

      The key to the fight is avoiding the high damage abilities (Rupture for the spirit pet, Expunge for the slime and Burrow for the Grassland hopper).

      It works because the rabbit as a critter won’t be stunned much since it is a critter and it is faster than everybody else. Also the grassland hopper cocoon’s strike will block the burrow attack from the last pet; an attack that would be really damaging otherwise for the critter and as a critter it takes weak damage from the Stone Rush.

      What to do:
      Format (Round # – My pets moves – Tamer pets moves)

      Start with Rabbit:
      Rnd 1: Flurry – Stun (won’t do anything against critter)
      Rnd 2: Dodge – Rupture (will be dodged)
      Rnd 3, 4, 5: Flurry – Stone Shot (weak against rabbit)
      Rnd 6: Burrow – Rupture (will miss the underground rabbit)
      Rnd 7: Burrow hit – Stun
      Rnd 8+ Flurry should take care of the pet then. Make sure you avoid the Rupture at round 10 if fight drags on.

      Tamer pet dies, he switches in the slime, rabbit is usually around 900 HP left.

      Rnd 1: Dodge – Expunge (will be dodged by rabbit)
      Rnd 2, 3, 4: Flurry – Misc attack
      Rnd 5: Burrow – Expunge (will miss again)
      Rnd 6: Burrow Hit – DoT attack
      Rnd 7+: Flurry – attack (usually that’s where both pet dies. If tamer pet is still alive, switch in Hopper to finish him. If tamer pet dies, switches in you leveling pet.

      When his 2nd pet dies, the tamer will switches in his last pet, a beast with Burrow and an elemental attack.

      Rnd 1: switches in your leveling pet if it is not in, otherwise do any abilities. – Stone Skin
      Rnd 2: Switches in your grassland hopper. – Burrow dive
      Rnd 3: Cocoon’s strike – Burrow attack (which will be blocked by the cocoon.)
      Rnd 4: Skitter – Stone Rush
      Rnd 5: Healing Touch – Nothing
      Rnd 6+: Use cocoon’s Strike to avoid Burrow hit (mandatory!!!!), use healing Touch to heal the damage from Stone Rush and use skitter otherwise. The tamer pets will die from self-inflicted damage (stone Rush) more often than not.

      Your level 1 pet is now level 11 (don’t forget Safari Hat).
      You can then use that pet to battle Aki and follow up on your strategy.

    • Baer

      Nice guide! I’ve been wondering what addon you are using during the battle to show the opponent abilities (the 3 ability trasked above the standard UI).

      • Josh Post author

        Aweseom 🙂 Thanks for the tip, Chuck! I’ll have to try that out once I level my Idol up a bit. I think he’s still level 1!

        • Chuck Schell

          Anub’s sandstorm makes this battle pretty much a joke.
          Well timed reflects against the first 2 pets and keeping sandstorm up score an easy win. The goat is the only pet that even puts a dent in anub’s health. Just sandstorm and crush to your hearts content.
          You COULD bring in 2 leveling pets but with the XP split, it’s not really worth it.

    • Mad

      “If you’re anything like me, you forget to put this hat on about 50% of the time”

      Then just be a lazy b* like myself and use an addon for that! 🙂

      I use “Auto Safari Hat”, which also auto-accepts/delivers those daily quests in addition to equipping the Hat.

      Also, other pet battle addons I use:

      Battle Pet BreedID – Nice to see those H/P/S/B (Health/Power/Speed/Balanced) stats on both wild pets and your own and also from chat links and AH too;

      PetBattleTeams – Allows you to create and manage several teams of pets to switch to;

      PetTracker (I see you already covered that one!)

      Pokemon Trainer – adds at-a-glance info on week/strong abilities of either your own and the opposing pets (unless it’s PvP) – semi-broken feature: it can color the pets in AH with red/green if you’re missing/already have them – just need to open the addon options and unselect/re-select that option, then open the AH (normal or w/ auctioneer) and it will color the pets, making it easier to see which ones you already have.

      PetTheory – not sure what this one does but you can google it out yourself as I’ve got some bpets to level! 🙂

      Pet Battle HUD – Keeps your current team on-screen when you’re not grouped, so you can easily see what you have selected and their HPs before you start a fight against a wild one.

      BTW – ty for the podcasts!

      • Josh Post author

        Haha, I love that you didn’t bother to describe one of them because you’d rather be leveling pets! You’re my kind of pet trainer 🙂

        Thanks for listening to the show — I’m glad you’re liking it!

        Also thanks for the list of addons! I’m kind of an Addon hoarder (I have 60+ atm), so I try to resist installing more unless I know for sure they’ll be worthwhile. the HUD, Theory, and Pokemon Trainer sound super interesting, though. I’ll definitely have to give those a shot 🙂 If they end up helping me a lot, I’ll do a show on them!

        Thanks 🙂 Oh, and I did PetBattle Teams in one of the first episodes of the show, for anyone interested in checking that one out too.

    • Mad

      Re: chuck schell says:
      “To beat Yon, you only need 1 pet and that pet is Anubisath Idol. You can solo all three of Yons’ pets with almost full health at the end.”

      I can totally confirm this! More so, did Aki with a level 20 Anubisath Idol! All you need is to time your Deflection right after they cast Dive and you won’t take the plunge. Then make sure to use Deflection as the first move with the Serpent to avoid the Thunderstorm or whatever (the 1st serpent move) and immediately set the weather back to Sandstorm. A was leveling a level 7 Giant Bone Spider that got to level 11 and Anubisath got to 22 as well. 🙂

    • SirNoodle

      Thank you thank you thank you Qaajn! Awesome method to POWER level my pets. It still works like a charm in 5.4 provided you have the quest needed. Just fighting the tamer over and over again =)