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Hearthstone: The Best Free Druid and Priest Decks

We can’t all stuff our decks with Legendaries. Sometimes, especially when just starting out and trying to figure out if you like Hearthstone enough to pay for packs, you just need to do your best with the free cards.

This week, we’re kicking off a new series that aims to build the very best deck you can for each class, using only the free cards. These are great starter decks for anyone new to the game or on a tight budget.

The great thing about Hearthstone is that they give you gold just for playing, that allows you to buy packs and craft cards for free too. We’ll also give you 5 suggestions for the first cards to craft for each deck, so you have something to work towards as well.

Whether you’re a new player yourself, or a veteran looking for advice to help your friends that just started playing, we hope these lists help you get some big wins on the cheap in Hearthstone!

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How Free Cards Work

  • Each hero starts with a set of free spells and you unlock more as you level them up
  • You also get a big heap of neutral minions immediately when you start
  • All of these free cards are combined into the “Basic Set”
  • Blizzard built some starter decks, but they’re far from ideal. We’re going to make better ones.

How To Make The Best Free Decks

  • Level the class you want to play to 10 to unlock all of your options
  • Go to “My Collections” on the main menu and filter the cards by “Basic Set”
  • Put the cards we list below into your list, and look if you already have the ones we suggest crafting and upgrading to.
  • Website view: Free Priest Cards, Free Druid Cards, Free Neutral Minions

Hearthstone Free Priest

The Best Free Priest Deck

Strategy: Keep your board full with healthy minions that you can use to kill the enemy army, while healing your troops to make sure you win the long war. Later on, manipulate your creature’s larger health pools into big damage, courtesy of a few spell tricks.

The Deck List

First Crafting Goals

If you enjoy this deck, you’re going to want to beef it up as you start to unlock new cards by earning or buying new packs, or winning in Arena. Here are 5 cards that you should try to get first, and what to replace with them.

Note: Once you have Inner Fire and Lightspawn, you should also swap Divine Spirit (a free card) for Novice Engineer.

Hearthstone Free Druid Charge

The Best Free Druid Deck

Strategy: Stave off rush tactics with removal and cheap minions while you slowly gain board and card advantage. Then push for a win in the late-game.

Deck List

First Crafting Goals

Hearthstone Free Druid Heal


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