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WoW Pet Battle Guide: How to Beat Every Epic Pet for Beasts of Fable Quest

We got a lot of new pet battle content in patch 5.2, and we’re doing our best to test the new balance changes with our current pet battle team, the double damage dealers.

But one of the most exciting additions to pet battles in patch 5.2 are 10 epic pets, giant monstrosities that take on your entire team by themselves. These buff bosses are brutal to fight, but each of them has a weakness we can exploit.

I traveled all of Pandaria and compiled a list of all the trick you’ll need to take these bad boys down and earn a Red Panda pet of your own!

UPDATE 7/6: I’ve released an update for the guide, which talks about all of the changes made in patch 5.3 and how they effect each of these fights, along with three suggested team compositions. It’s not a replacement—read it alongside this guide to get the most out of it!

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The Basics

Beasts of Fable are open-world pets that are always available to be fought, whether you have the quest or not. They spawn in fixed locations, do not despawn, and cannot be killed. So, in one word: they’re reliable.

They have a fixed set of 3 abilities that they use, but their AI varies up the way they use them. For example, sometimes Ti’un the Wanderer will simply spam his AoE attack at my team for the entire fight. Other times, he’ll focus on his burst damage ability and just do that. I haven’t figured out if this is randomly set, or if it’s based on a complex algorithm calculating opponent’s health and all that jazz. Either way, just know that it changes.

Quick Points

If you’re not going to read the whole guide, at least know this:

  • Unlike tamer battles, these fights give pretty terrible XP. This is not an efficient way to powerlevel pets.
  • Because these epic pets rely on large, abilities that deal damage based on % of your target’s health, like Trample or Glowing Toxin, are really strong
  • Impale is another useful ability, because it instantly removes 25% of its entire health bar when used properly. I pretty much always keep Harbinger of Flame as my 3rd pet so that he can come in and clean up.
  • All the pet locations can be seen using the quest tracker in-game, so I won’t list them here.
  • See the update for this guide for more tips

How to kill each Beast of Fable

WoW Pet Battle Fable No-No

How to beat No-No, the Aquatic Otter

Counter Pet: any Moth, equipped with Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust
Backup Pets: Any other birds, preferably with burst damage like Gilnean Raven (which we leveled up in a team last month!).
The Secret: The dam he builds blocks his own attacks as well, but the game’s logic will have his attack eat your Coocoon before it eats his dam, so calculate your cocoon timing wisely. If you time it right, and pass your turns when there’s only one hit on the dam left and you’re going first, you’ll get by unscathed. Always, always use the dam to block his Dive.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Wanderer

How to beat Ti’un The Wanderer, the Aquatic Turtle

(Ti’un changed a lot with the 5.3 patch—see my guide update for more info)
Counter Pet: A small tweak from No-No, any Moth, equipped with Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust
Backup Pets: Any other birds, preferably with burst damage like Gilnean Raven
The Secret: You will always be faster than him and he has a damage-reduction shield, so bring abilities that get perks for attacking first and hit in large chunks.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Kafi

How to beat Kafi, the Beast Ram

Counter Pet: Now this is getting creepy. Again, any Moth, equipped with Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, and Moth Dust
Backup Pets: More Moths will work well, but a Firefly adds a lot because it has similar defenses but also a DoT that scales based on maximum HP of the enemy (and these epic pets have a lot of HP!). And unlike the earlier pets, Kafi doesn’t have anything that would make us hesitant to use DoTs. Go for it!
The Secret: Kafi really only has one trick. He will make himself go faster, then hit you with an attack that does slightly more damage if he goes faster. Flying pets will prevent a fair amount of damage over the course of the fight thanks to family counters and the Passive making Kafi go second, and a simple Cocoon will prevent the stun from his big hitter.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Dos Ryga

How to beat Dos-Ryga, the Aquatic Hovering Fish

Counter Pet: Jade Owl, equipped with Slicing Wind, Hawk Eye, and Lift-Off
Backup Pets: Flying or Magic pets that have a way to avoid attacks for one turn, like Lift Off or Burrow, or a way to reduce healing. Gilnean Raven is still a solid choice, as is any healer that can do big heals to your other pets, like the Magical Crawdad we loved so much in our first team.
The Secret: This one’s trickier than the others. It hits hard and it heals itself up if you don’t slow it down. It’s burst damage is entirely predictable, though, so bring a pet that can dodge on command and you’ll get through it eventually. It just might take a while.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Lucky Yi

How to beat Lucky Yi, the Critter Cricket

(Lucky Yi changed a lot with the 5.3 patch—see my guide update for more info)
Counter Pet: Kun-Lai Runt, equipped with Thrash, Mangle, and Rampage.
Backup Pets: Anything with a lot of Beast attacks will do well, and any Humanoid will do decently. This is a very easy fight, and you can solo it with a strong DPS Spider or heals-reducer like the Feline Familiar.
The Secret: Lucky Yi’s damage is very low, but he will usually go first due to his Quick Strike ability. Bring high DPS, low-survivability pets that can trade effectively without risk of getting blown up immediately.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Greyhoof

How to beat Greyhoof, the Beast Mushan

Counter Pet: Our old friend, the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti, equipped with Metal Fist, Call Lightning, and Ion Cannon
Backup Pets: Every yeti needs a robot butler, so bring the Clockwork Gnome as backup and use the same combo we used in our very first team. The Yeti should be able to take it below 20% health and the gnome can clean it up.
The Secret: This guy is a DPS machine. You’re going to need some heals or some crazy burst damage to keep up with him. You can try to finesse it with a Flying pet taking less damage, but the safe move is to grab some burst damage Mechanical pets and just melt this weird dinosaur’s face off as quickly as you can.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Skitterer Xia

How to beat Skitterer Xi’a, the Aquatic Water Strider

Counter Pet: A firefly, equipped with Slicing Wind, Cocoon Strike, and Glowing Toxin
Backup Pets: Moths, Fireflies, and other Flying pets will be great (more damage and speed boost to take less damage from one of Xi’a’s abilities), and Humanoids will be decent (take less damage).
The Secret: Xi’a is a pretty straightforward DPS pet, so you only have to be worried about dealing more damage than he does. One of his abilities deals bonus damage if he goes first, so a fast pet does get a slight advantage. Otherwise, DPS your heart out.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Kawi

How to beat Ka’wi the Gorger, the Critter Caterpillar

Counter Pet: Any Spider, equipped with Strike, Brittle Webbing, and Spiderling Swarm
Backup Pets: Kun-Lai Runt is a good first-turn pet for this fight, since he can soften up Ka’wi and leave a debuff that adds a lot of damage to your Spider’s Swarm Attack. Any pet with heavy-hitting Beast attacks will be strong here, but no pet that needs to swap in or out mid-fight to be effective—Ka’wi will trap you in the fight with Sticky Goo.
The Secret: Ka’wi has three different damage types on his abilities, so countering his attacks is not a good strategy. Instead go full Beast mode, and aim to counter his defenses with as many Beast attacks as possible. Bonus points if you Beast can dodge for a turn to avoid his Chew burst damage.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Nitun

How to beat Nitun, the Critter Raccoon

Counter Pet: Any spider, equipped with Poison Spit, Brittle Webbing, Spiderling Swarm
Backup Pets: Offer up the Kun-Lai Runt as a sacrificial yeti at the start of the match once more, for the debuff that adds damage to every hit dealt. The Tranquil Mechanical Yeti might be able to make a decent showing with Call Lightning and Thrash to dish out the pain and add another “add damage to every hit” debuff to Nutin.
The Secret: You’re looking for pets that deal Beast damage in small chunks. Nitun will debuff you to reduce the damage of your next attack, but when your attack is broken up into 4 chunks, that debuff only reduces the first hit, letting most of your damage go through unaffected.

WoW Pet Battle Fable Gorespine

How to beat Gorespine, the Beast Porcupine

Counter Pet: Clockwork Gnome, equipped with Metal Fist, Repair, and Launch Rocket
Backup Pets: More Mechanical pets with the Launch Rocket ability. If you just spam that ability every turn, you will win this fight. You can bring the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti in as a finisher with his Ion Cannon burst ability, but his Call Lightning is a trap since it’ll hurt your pets a lot in this fight.
The Secret: Little pokey porcupine here does a lot of damage in small chunks, including reflecting back any time you hit him. That means you want as many slow-pump, big-hitting abilities that you can get. Our current Double Damage team is the right sort of philosophy for this fight. Things like Sticky Grenade and Ion Cannon condense Mechanical damage into a limited number of bursts, which is great, but neither of those can be spammed continuously like Launch Rocket can.

The prize at the end: The cutest Red Panda of all time

After you beat all of the Beasts of Fable pets once, you get a one-time reward of a unique pet: the super cute Red Panda.
WoW Pet Battle Fable Red Panda

In fact, it’s so cute that one of its abilities is called Cute Face, and gives it a chance to dodge every turn (presumably even villainous pets can’t bear to punch this adorable bundle of joy. Other than that unique ability, the Red Panda seems to be a fairly standard tank/healing pet, so pet tamers shouldn’t feel forced to earn this pet if they want to be competitive, but its combination of Crouch and Hibernate should allow for some epic comebacks for those of us playing with him.

And then there were daily quests

The final prize of the whole thing is unlocking Beast of Fables daily quests, which send you out to defeat these pets once a day for a special loot bag that has a ton of loot goodies for pet tamers like us.

Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies can contain:

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