Happy Hearthstone Deck Battles

Once a month, we host a deck battle episode on Happy Hearthstone, where a guest host brings on their favorite deck to challenge the current reigning champion deck. If the challenger deck wins, they claim the throne and fight off future decks.

This page will chronicle the noble bloodbath that is the fight for deck supremacy on the podcast!

Hearthstone Hall of Fame Beasts

All Deck Battles

Hunter Beastmaster vs Warlock Swarm
Hunter Beastmaster vs Secret Mage
Hunter Beastmaster vs Muhammad Ali Shaman
Hunter Beastmaster vs Power Paladin
Hunter Beastmaster vs Barbarian Warrior
Barbarian Warrior vs Arcane Druid
Barbarian Warrior vs Survival Paladin
Survival Paladin vs. Last Standin Paladin
Survival Paladin vs. Tech Paladin
Tech Paladin vs. Mech Mage
Mech Mage vs. Mech Shaman
Mech Shaman vs. Warlock Demon Zoo
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Mech Grim Patron Warrior
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Dragon Priest
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Taunt Warrior
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Mill Rogue
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Warlock Summoning Portal
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Secret Paladin
Warlock Demon Zoo vs. Warlock Dreadsteed
Warlock Dreadsteed vs. Dragon Priest
Dragon Priest vs. Yogg-Saron Hunter
Dragon Priest vs. Pickpocket Rogue

The Happy Hearthstone Hall of Fame

This is the ultimate honor a deck can earn on the Happy Hearthstone. If a deck can defeat 3 other decks in a row, it earns the right to enter the Hall of Fame. Newcomer decks that come onto the show when the throne is empty must fight through a gauntlet of every Hall of Fame deck before it claims the throne.

Dan Patriss’ Beastmaster Hunter (Mar 2014)

Hearthstone Beastmaster Taunt

Andrew Brown’s Warlock Demon Zoo (Mar 2016)

Hearthstone Potluck Demon Hand

Craig’s Dragon Priest (September 2016)

Hearthstone Dragon Priest Deck taunt